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Drawings, technical descriptions and Body Builders manuals for new Stralis X-WAY models are on line. 


X-WAY is a light off-road truck with best-in-class payload capacity and the ultimate fuel efficiency technology. 
A completely new range for construction logistics missions extends IVECO's wide product offer: the Stralis X-WAY is perfect for on-road applications requiring light off-road mobility.
With the introduction of the new Stralis X-WAY range, technical documentation has been enriched with the inclusion of 2D drawings regarding frames and related details.
On the site they are available in the same section as the chassiscab drawings with the naming "frame".
T​he documentation - for the models currently on the price list - is present in the following section:
Technical Information / Drawings & Technical Documentation / 2D Offer Drawings - Technical Descriptions / Market / Light constructions / STRALIS X-WAY
See example.jpg

The Body Builder Manual is present in the specific section:
Technical Information / Body Builder Instructions / Italy
See example_bb_MANUAL.jpg
Other languages will follow shortly.


New Eurocargo MY2016 - Brochure,Drawings and Bodybuilders instructions are on line.

The Eurocargo “Truck of  the Year 2015” is now available also in Euro III & Euro V execution. You will find a brief illustration of the new fully comprehensive line-up 11 – 18 tons in the Brochure below:

As usual, you will find the technical info in the following sections:
Ø Technical Information > 2d offer drawings - Technical descriptions
       In this section technical descriptions and technical drawings in tiff and dwg formats are available.
Ø  Technical Information > BodyBuilders Instructions 
       In this section the Bodybuilders Instructions manual is available.
               -  General Information
               -  Chassis Interventions
               -  Applications of superstructures
               -  Powe Take Offs
               -  Electronic Sub-system
               -  Adblue and SCR System (Euro V only)

30°.jpgCOVER DOCUMENTO.JPGPTO_sandwich_2.jpgPTO_sandwich_3.jpgPTO_sandwich_4.jpg


We inform you the new Sandwich SAE2 Power Take Off  is now available on Eurocargo range.
This engine-dependent PTO is installed between the engine and the transmission and (thanks to SAE2 interface) is available on all 6 cylinders engines from 220 to 320 Hp.
The new SAE2 is able to provide a maximum torque of 1000 Nm, particularly attractive for applications which require very high torques such as:
Garbage collector
-  Gully emptier
-  Snowplough
 Fire fighting 
See documentation below:
For further info please click here:


DAILY - Bodybuilder Manual Update
We inform you that an update of the Body builder Manual has been published on IBB.
It concerns the section 5 (Electronic subsystems and connectors).
For further info please click here:


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